The Alley Crabs

Daniel Ybarra, Trombone

The Walrus

The Irvine Company thought they had every UCI student under their control, but five lone scums emerged unfazed by their attempts at brainwashing. The scums joined together and hatched a plan to free UCI from the Irvine Company’s grasp and set off to free the campus by spreading the gospel of Progressive Beach Scum!
The young heroes formed a band and named it The Alley Crabs, after an STD their former rhythm guitarist picked up in Reno. They set off on their mission to free the Irivinians from their Irvine Company overlords. Such is the story of the birth of The Alley Crabs, a group of revolutionaries whose mission continues to this day. 

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​For Your Reviewing Pleasure

Ernest Hernandez IV, Saxophone, vocals

Tyler Blanco, Vocals/guitar

Mayank Verma, Bass


Sabrina Smith, manager

Armando Leon,Trumpet

Instagram: @los_alleycrabs

Nicholas Omary,

Lead Guitar/Vocals

"There is this sunny beach vibe to these songs that makes you want to hang out at a bonfire and sip on a margarita. [The] Alley Crabs seem like they would be great to see live. Good, unpretentious fun." - No More Division, 6/11/2016


Irvine Antithesis


Social Media

The Horny Boys

Kelvin Villegas, Drums